Debby Smith, that’s grand music in an authentic, personal format. Driven by a captivating voice, the Hamburg-based singer delivers forceful and many-layered pop that hits home. Seamlessly shifting from the melancholic to the hopeful, from big, dramatic notes to quiet, intimate sounds. Debby keeps her music in constant transformation and her audience on the edge of their seats.


Behind the captivating voice and the musical dexterity lies the experience and expertise of a lifelong musician. Debby´s songs raise everlasting dilemmas of life like the search for one’s own identity or the wish for recognition – but through memorable lyrics and sweeping melodies she delivers these themes with a new livery.Thus she creates songs rich in diversity, full of personality. Here it is both the young singer’s pensive and reflective side and her fundamentally positive, dynamic, and life-affirming nature that shine through in her music, creating a colourful interplay. In this way every melancholic passage, every shadow of doubt in Debby’s music is also shot through by a spark of hope, igniting in the listener a powerful love of life. Holding a great love for change, Debby is constantly looking for new influences, thus keeping her music in continuous development. Listeners can look forward to ever more ear candy, where classic beauty and technical perfection are combined with changing varieties of genres and styles, giving rise to beautiful audio experiences. Debby is currently working intensively on her first EP, which will be released in 2019: soulful, personal, grand songs about searching and finding one’s self.